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AACTE NIC Video Case Study: Reducing Barriers for BIPOC Male Students

Black male teacher in classroom - Reducing Barriers

With the exacerbation of our nation’s teacher shortage brought on by the pandemic, the new White House administration will need to address this crisis strategically, keeping equity top of mind. As AACTE looks forward to improving the capacity and representation in the teacher workforce, it is essential for policy makers to tie decisions back to the historical context of structural oppression that has created barriers for a diverse teacher workforce in the past. As part of the AACTE Network Improvement Community (NIC) Black and Hispanic/Latino Male Teacher Initiative, NIC members identified a number of barriers and solutions to these obstacles, which are highlighted in Reducing Barriers, a segment of AACTE’s new NIC video case studies series.

EEPs that can identify and remove barriers for Black and Hispanic/Latino males of color will have more success recruiting and retaining them into their programs. While the NIC members identified several barriers to entry into their programs and into the profession, most notable were required assessments for licensure, as well as resource constraints. Based on these findings, members of the NIC created new or improved current initiatives that promote diversifying the profession through an equitable lens. 

To learn more about the findings and initiatives of the NIC members watch the video.

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