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JTE Podcast Interview: Program Completer Surveys and Teacher Effectiveness

Podcast MicrophoneListen to the recent JTE Insider podcast by the Journal of Teacher Education (JTE) editorial team. This blog is available to the public, and AACTE members have free access to the articles in the JTE online archives—just log in with your AACTE profile.

This podcast interview features insights from the article “What Do Surveys of Program Completers Tell Us About Teacher Preparation Quality?,” by Kevin Bastion, Min Sun, and Heather Flynn. The article was published in the January/February issue of the Journal of Teacher Education

Article Abstract

Surveys of teacher preparation program (TPP) completers have become one widely used measure for program accountability and improvement, yet there is little evidence as to whether perceptions of preparation experiences predict the workforce outcomes of teachers. In the present study, we use statewide completer survey data from North Carolina to assess whether perceptions of preparation quality and opportunities to learn during teacher preparation predict completers’ value-added estimates, evaluation ratings, and retention. We perform multiple analyses to address validity concerns—that is, selection into TPPs, sorting into K-12 schools, simultaneity in survey and outcome measures, and differential survey response rates across TPPs. Results are not always consistent across these analyses; however, evidence suggests that completer perceptions are modestly associated with teacher effectiveness and retention. Continued research can further address validity concerns and build a body of evidence on completer perceptions and teacher outcomes.

Listen to the full podcast interview.

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