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Join AACTE Webinar on Combating Racism: Critical Consciousness in Educator Preparation

Racial relations challenge and social or society race tension as two black and white human heads facing each other in crisis as they both burn as a society and social relationship troubleAACTE is honored to welcome three panelists from member institution Rowan University to lead its next webinar in the Combating Racism in Educator Preparation Series. For this installment, Monika Shealey, Shelley Zion, and Beatrice Carey, who are among those leading the creation and implementation of Rowan’s DEI certificate program, will teach participants to tune into their critical consciousness to sustain a lifelong commitment to addressing structural oppression. 

The Critical Consciousness in Educator Preparation webinar will take place on Monday, March 22, 1:00-2:15pm EST. In this interactive webinar, attendees will learn and practice several foundational strategies based on the certificate program modules. Whatever your role and wherever you are on the lifelong path of being a genuinely antiracist, abolitionist, and intersectional educator, you will benefit from this webinar as either a starting or reflective framework for the individual educator to live and promulgate these values through the field.

Register today for this free webinar and visit AACTE’s website to access the recording and materials from the first webinar in the Combating Racism in Educator Preparation series, which provide the historical and political contexts of oppression our nation’s education system sits within.



Monika Williams Shealey

Monika Williams ShealeyMonika Williams Shealey is the senior vice president of the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Rowan University and Professor of Special Education. Shealey joined Rowan as dean of the College of Education in 2013. Under Shealey, the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is tasked with making Rowan a model institution—a university where diversity is valued and equity and inclusion are routine. Shealey’s research has focused on examining the experiences of traditionally marginalized groups in special education and Black women in teacher education. She is the past co-editor of Multiple Voices for Ethnically Diverse Exceptional Learners, a professional journal for the Division of Diverse Exceptional Learners in the Council for Exceptional Children, the leading professional organization in the field of special education. Shealey serves as secretary of the Executive Committee of the AACTE Board of Directors. She is also the president of the National Association of Holmes Scholars Alumni.

Shelley Zion

Shelly ZionShelly Zion is a professor of language, literacy, and sociocultural education at Rowan University and executive director of the Center for Access, Success, and Equity (CASE). Zion’s work is multi-disciplinary, grounded in the social sciences and specifically within sociology as it seeks to understand how institutions, social systems, and individual experiences create and sustain systems of power and privilege that ensure access for some while excluding others. Her research is situated within a framework of sociopolitical development, informed by a range of critical theoretical perspectives, and advanced by an understanding of the nature of both individual and systemic change. This framework requires that to impact a transformation of the current public education and other social systems towards goals of equity and social justice, we must work to disrupt dominant ideologies by creating spaces in which people begin to develop a critical understanding of the cultural, political, economic, and other institutional forces that perpetuate systems of privilege and oppression. Practically, this translates to a focus on teaching for social justice-preparing educators, students, and community members to be active participants in ending oppression through empowerment and organizing.

Beatrice Carey

Beatrice CareyCurrently pursuing her Ph.D. in education within the specialization of Urban and Diverse Learning environments at Rowan University, Beatrice Carey holds an MFA and is a practicing artist and Holmes Scholar with special educational interests in visual arts based research methods and equity and inclusion.

Carey’s previous roles include senior curriculum consultant for Kingston University’s Equality Diversity and Inclusion team, Board of Governor, Academic Affairs Officer, and Black History Month Program Director for the Union of Kingston Students charity. Her consultant roles extended to such universities as the University of the Arts in London, King’s University, UCL, and Lincoln University.  She has taught and organized over 60 interactive and educational workshops and events across the U.K., while writing and contributing with such organizations as Shades of Noir, Leading Routes, and the National Union of Students’ Black Students Campaign. Prior public speaking engagements include presenting at conferences at the British Library and various conferences for Westminster on issues of equity and inclusion in higher education.


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