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Annual Meeting Attendees Engage on AACTE Connect360

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There are several great reasons for starting an online community, like the continuous learning it offers participants and the sense of pride in being part of a group. For members of AACTE, the new online community it is about connecting members, building meaningful relationships, and engaging in critical conversations with each other, Board members and staff. That is why the virtual AACTE 2021 Annual Meeting was a perfect initial launching point for AACTE Connect360.

Through the online community, attendees responded to different threads in the “73rd Annual Meeting” community group. The “Introduce Yourself” thread was a popular choice for new users, allowing others on the platform to learn a little bit more about them and sharing the best piece of advice they received from a mentor or colleague.

Screenshot of chat

Board members also showed their excitement to meet AACTE members and connect. AACTE Board member and new Advisory Council of State Representatives Chair John Blackwell was one of the first to take the opportunity to post his introduction.

John Blackwell Post

As a speaker at one of the Deeper Dive sessions, AACTE Chair Robert Floden added slides from the session as a resource to the Libraries area, giving attendees access to information they can view long after the conference has ended.

Deeper Dives Slides Screenshot

Lana Collet-Klingenburg

As part of the initial launch, AACTE held a contest to acknowledge the most active user during February 24-26 and win a free registration to the 2022 AACTE Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Congratulations to the winner of the AACTE engagement challenge, Lana Collet-Klingenberg, who totaled 887 points!

If you attended the Annual Meeting and have not created your AACTE Connect360 profile yet, we invite you to join your fellow attendees. Introduce yourself and share your favorite takeaways from the conference or continue discussions from session Q&As. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Visit the AACTE Connect360 homepage .
  2. View the online community video tutorial to learn how to sign in.
  3. Complete your profile and add a photo by linking to the profile page.
  4. From the Communities tab, click on “Suggested Communities” to join the “73rd Annual Meeting” community.
  5. Post your comment or question and watch the responses come in!

Stay tuned for more information on the full launch of AACTE Connect360.


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