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What are Your Peers Saying About their AACTE Virtual Meeting Experience?

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As the AACTE 73rd Annual Meeting gets closer, some of our past attendees from our first virtual event, Washington Week, talk about what they are most looking forward to and what attendees can expect from the online experience.

“As a reluctant virtual conference attendee, I can say that my experience during Washington Week in September changed my perspective!  The way in which AACTE handled Washington Week was absolutely phenomenal. The interaction, attention to detail, and ability to connect with colleagues and presenters made the experience first rate and I have definitely changed my mind about virtual conferences and I am looking forward to AACTE Annual Meeting in February!”

Jon E. Pedersen, University of South Carolina

“I am looking forward to AACTE’s first virtual Annual Meeting.  I participated in AACTE’s virtual Day on the Hill in September 2020 and was impressed with the way AACTE was able to include time for small group discussion, networking, and reflection around the sessions.  The virtual meeting format has also given our institution greater opportunity for participation due to elimination of travel expenses.  As a dean, I was able to open opportunity to attend the annual meeting to a much larger group of our faculty than in the past. We look forward to bringing many excellent ideas back to our campus.”

Larry G. Daniel, The University of Texas Permian Basin

“AACTE’s virtual Washington Week maintained the same quality as when face-to-face. As a participant of AACTE Annual Meetings, I know I will be assured a quality experience and will be part of the nationwide conversation on the future of educator preparation.” 

Anne Tapp, Saginaw Valley State University

“I am looking forward to being inspired by the stories, practices, and research of my fellow higher education and P-12 colleagues of how they continue to wade through the pandemic and reinvigorate hope within their educational settings.  Having participated in the success of Washington Week this past September, the wonderful aspect of the Annual Meeting being virtual is the cost efficiency by saving on travel and I will be able to access the sessions following the conference.”

Lisa Bisogno, Northeastern State University

“I am looking forward to coordinating efforts with colleagues around the country as we enter a new year and new leadership in Washington! Elizabeth Warren is a great way to start!”

Scott Hewit, Rollins College

“Although I will miss visiting Seattle and seeing friends and colleagues in person, I am so looking forward to this year’s AACTE Annual Meeting in its new virtual format!  The program looks fantastic, and given my experience attending the first ever virtual Washington Week this past fall, I anticipate a very professionally rewarding and invigorating Annual Meeting! The virtual delivery format of Washington Week actually allowed me to participate even more fully in the range of offerings as I attended whole group sessions, small break-out sessions, and engaged in many conversations with other teacher educators and leaders—all the components I so value as part of professional learning and advocacy. The virtual delivery format enabled this critical work to continue in ways that might not have seemed possible a year ago! Now as I look forward to the virtual Annual Meeting, although I do not need to worry about building in time for travel, I do need to spend time with the Event Planner so I take advantage of all that is being offered!

Kate DaBoll-Lavoie, Nazareth College

Join your friends and colleagues at the AACTE 73rd Annual Meeting, February 24-26. 

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