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Improving Practices in STEM Teacher Preparation TAG Meeting

Invited Speakers Talk About Courageous Action

TAG FlyerThe call to action to engage our collective consciousness by resisting hate and restoring hope through courageous action is now. After the summer of racial reckoning, institutions have re-examined mission and vision statements for what many consider a watershed moment with “talk of transformation, roadmaps, and “action steps” toward sweeping curricular reforms (Bartlet, T, 2021). The Improving Practices in STEM Teacher Preparation (IPSTP) Topical Action Group (TAG) likewise responds to the call by reimagining TAG activities and engaging members to reflect, reimagine, and take action through STEM teacher education. 

To start the work for envisioning courageous action, the IPSTP TAG has invited scholars to share their work in socially just and equity-sustaining STEM practices. The invited speakers include Angela Calabrese Barton of the University of Michigan, Edna Tan of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Tanya Maloney of Montclair State University, and Kathleen Schenkel of San Diego State University.

TAG speakers share a common thread of centering their work on youths’ experiences in STEM and the role of pre- and in-service teachers, school administrators, and teacher educators for collective action for transformation. A running theme for this special invited speaker event examines the call to action through “rightful presence” as a construct to learn how to make sense of historicized injustices and consequential ways students encounter STEM teaching and learning in and out of schools. Calabrese, Tan, and Schenkel expose systemic, unjust experiences through students’ lenses as youth claim their “rightful presence.” Maloney examines minoritized student agency in math and teacher preparation through culturally sustaining and justice-oriented work. We discuss how to create, support, and sustain moments of rightful presence through our work as STEM educators and how youth and their allies claim a rightful place to tell their story of equitable, transformative, and sustaining STEM practices.

Join us, Tuesday, February 23
4:00 – 4:45 p.m. Business Meeting
4:50 – 6: 30 p.m. Invited Speakers

To join for this special event, please register at this link or

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Sumi Hagiwara of Montclair State University is chair of AACTE’s Improving Practices in STEM Teacher Preparation (IPSTP) Topical Action Group (TAG).


Bartlet, T. (2021, February 15). The antiracist college. The Chronicle of Higher Education. https://www.chronicle.com/article/the-antiracist-college

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