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Applying Technology-enhanced Teaching Strategies to the New Normal in 2021 and Beyond

Education concept: Education Technology on Building background, 3d renderThe AACTE Committee on Information and Technology will host a Deeper Dive session at the AACTE 2021 Annual Meeting, “Applying Technology-enhanced Teaching Strategies to the New Normal in 2021 and Beyond” on Thursday, February 25, 11:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. The committee members offer a preview of the panel discussion in the following article.

Over the past year, educators have learned much about technology in teacher education. Technology has become the classroom and often the location of field placements. While many of these learnings were forced due to the pandemic, lessons learned can be carried forward into 2021 and beyond to create improved responsive teacher preparation programs in the future at all levels of education.  As a result, the AACTE Committee on Innovation and Technology Committee is offering a Deeper Dive session that includes teacher preparation experts discussing the lessons learned from remote learning and ways to move forward post-COVID with technology in teacher preparation.  The Deeper Dive session will include panelists from a wide variety of teacher preparation institutions to discuss their particular lessons learned from the challenges of the pandemic. Furthermore, our panelists will share how we can move forward in teacher preparation to prepare new and veteran teachers to teach with technology in 2021 and beyond. Our panelists include the following:

  • Torrey Trust of University of Massachusetts Amherst, sharing some of the challenges faced by P-12 teachers during remote learning and how she has been able to support P-12 educators to better understand online teaching and learning pedagogy,
  • Michael McVey of Eastern Michigan University and Jon Clausen of Ball State University sharing how their teacher preparation institutes are preparing teacher candidate to teach online,
  • Lisa Dieker from the University of Central Florida sharing how her teacher preparation institute addressed supporting students with exceptionalities and special needs during remote learning,
  • Helen Bond from Howard University sharing the unique challenges that COVID brought to historically black colleges and universities,
  • Robert Moody from Fort Hays State University focusing on delivering graduate educational programs online.

The session will include live Q&A with the panelists, moderated by the co-chairs of the Committee on Innovation and Technology, David Slykhuis of the University of Northern Colorado and Liz Kolb of the University of Michigan. Finally, we will conclude with a short montage of teacher candidate’s perspectives on their experiences learning and preparing to become teachers during COVID remote learning. We invite you to join us as we look directly into the light at the end of the tunnel and examine what teacher preparation might look like post-pandemic. 

Jon Clauson of Ball State University, Lisa Dieker of the University of Central Florida, Liz Kolb, of the University of Michigan, Michael McVey of Eastern Michigan University, Robert Moody of Fort Hayes State University, and David Slykhuis, University of Northern Colorado are members of the AACTE Committee on Innovation and Technology.

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Liz Kolb

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