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Take A Deeper Dive into Education at #AACTE21

73rd Annual Meeting - Deeper DrivesAs AACTE heads into the final weeks of planning for the 73rd Annual Meeting, we can’t wait to welcome you to the virtual conference! Be sure to visit the Online Event Planner to create a personal schedule that makes the most of your time. In addition to adding the speaker spotlight and opening and closing keynote sessions, you’ll want to select the Learning Labs and “Deeper Dive” sessions that are of greatest interest to you.

The Deeper Dives provide a large-format, expert-facilitated exploration of a key topic during one dedicated time slot each day. Six sessions will be offered this year in three time slots:

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 4:00-5:15 P.M.

Leading in the Time of Crisis: Responding to COVID-19 and Social Justice Movements
Educator preparation leaders are managing the twin crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic and racial injustice within and across the nation’s institutions, including schools and colleges of education. As equity-minded leaders, Deans addressed faculty and student needs by starting with empathy and ending with action. This session describes the adjustments leaders made to address the twin crisis based on changes to their enrollment, budget, staffing, and programs.

Teacher Performance Assessments as a Tool For Teacher Learning, Program Improvement, and Accountability
There is general agreement of the value of trustworthy measures of teacher preparation outcomes, especially performance outcomes, as tools for promoting teacher learning, informing program improvement, and providing accountability. This session explores how performance assessments affect implementation and contribution to teacher learning and program improvement.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 11:15 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.

Effective Online Pedagogy and Learning: Applying Technology-Enhanced Teaching Strategies to the New Normal in 2021 and Beyond
Over the past year we have learned much about the use and integration of technology in our educator preparation programs. Technology has become the classroom and often the location of clinical experience placements. While much of this learning was forced due to the pandemic, our lessons can be carried forward into 2021 and beyond to create improved, more responsive educator preparation to address the PK-12 environment. Our panel of education technology experts will discuss the notable outcomes of remote learning and how to enhance the preparation of new teachers and doctoral candidates to use in-person, remote, and hybrid learning environments. 

The 1619 Project
Created by the New York Times, the 1619 Project’s goal “is to reframe American history by considering what it would mean to regard 1619 as our nation’s birth year. Doing so requires us to place the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are as a country.” The purpose of this Deeper Dive is to examine how The 1619 Project can inform teaching of an anti-racist curriculum in PK-12 public schools and what that means for teacher education. 

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 11:15 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.

Critical-Race Theory and Countering Political Culture
What is critical race theory and why should it matter to educators? Featured speakers discuss the role race has played historically in education in America and how critical race theory influences American education today.

Advancing Equity through Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
As our educator candidates are navigating a new learning environment, they are also managing a new home environment constructed around the pandemic requirements to socially distance from family and friends, many without access to support services. The increasing collective stress acquired by our candidates and their PK-12 students during the pandemic has been positively addressed through social emotional supports from preparation program administration, faculty, and staff. Join this panel to learn how SEL can address issues of inequities for our students.

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Jerrica Thurman

Director of Marketing & Communications, AACTE