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AACTE Urges Federal, State and University Leaders to Strengthen EPPs in Challenging Times

These are indeed difficult times for all levels of education, yet AACTE member institutions remain dedicated to high-quality, evidence-based preparation that assures educators are ready to teach all learners. AACTE continues to advocate for and support schools and colleges of education in their efforts to navigate the teacher shortage and COVID-19 related financial challenges, and their work to identify viable solutions to the multiple challenges that currently impact education.

The global pandemic has deepened the national teacher shortage crisis. College and university programs that prepare our teachers, principals, school counselors, and other essential education professionals are experiencing a debilitating wave of closures and faculty layoffs. The rising demand for high-quality education in the 21st century and achieving a prosperous quality of life for themselves and their families. It is critical now more than ever to recruit diverse, talented people into the education profession, which requires our nation’s leaders allocating funds to aid colleges and universities in their recovery from the significant financial challenges caused by the pandemic. It is also critical for legislators to revamp policies and practices to support a diverse education workforce.

AACTE advocates on the federal level and, in partnership with its state chapters, at the state level for COVID relief funding in education; increased incentives for students to complete high-quality educator preparation programs, especially in high-need fields; and greater investments in educator preparation programs at colleges and universities to support and expand innovative and successful practices.

AACTE strongly urges university leaders and administrators to strengthen the efforts to preserve and continue the good work of preparing future educators who will lead students across the country and globally toward a bright future. AACTE stands with its member institutions throughout the United States, Virgin Islands, and Guam to advance educator preparation during this arduous time.

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Lynn M. Gangone

President and CEO, AACTE