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Your AACTE Membership: An Investment in Yourself and Your Institution

AACTE Membership FlyerDid you know the AACTE member community is over 15,000 strong?  AACTE membership is institutional—meaning when the university or college joins, all students, faculty, staff, and administrators also become members—with over 17,000 individuals served. These members represent nearly 700 postsecondary institutions and strategic partners who are dedicated to high-quality, evidence-based preparation that assures educators are ready to teach all learners. 

Member institutions include public and private schools both large and small from across the country.  AACTE serves members with less than 25 graduates all the way up to institutions with over 1,000 graduates from all 50 states. 

AACTE has released its latest membership tool, a one-page profile that shares members statistics and much more, including strategic priorities, educational offerings, and professional development opportunities.

AACTE’s strategic priorities: Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion; advocating for high-quality educator preparation; and advancing educator preparation policy, practice, and research are what guides the association’s mission, vision, and core values. AACTE members and partners revolutionize education for all learners and elevate educator preparation through research, professional practice, advocacy, and collaboration while maintaining a commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, quality, and innovation.

Our members have a variety of resources available to help them succeed:

  • Annual professional development meetings – 3
  • Award programs – 9
  • Holmes program students served – 240+
  • Toolkits, webinars, assessment, research reports, and online resources – 200+
  • Topical action groups (tags) – 18
  • Volunteers programs – 3
  • Any many more!

In addition to these member resources, AACTE also provides a number of tools to assist our members as they adapt to a changing learning environment due to COVID-19:

  • COVID-19 Resource Hub – Learn how peers are transitioning to distance learning, participate in webinars, and access the latest research about online and virtual instruction.
  • COVID-19 Educator Preparation Policy Tracker Map – This interactive map details state policy changes related to licensure and certification, clinical experience, hiring, and state standards and program requirements. It also provides state guidance to EPPs on how to adjust to programmatic changes resulting from COVID-19.
  • Virtual Reality Classrooms – AACTE members receive special rates to Mursion Virtual Reality Classrooms. These classrooms provide virtual simulations so your teacher candidates can still complete clinical practice requirements during the pandemic.

To learn more about AACTE and membership please contact membership@aacte.org


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Meghan Grenda

Director of Membership, AACTE