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SLI Attendees Provide Input into New State Chapters Taskforce

State Chapter Taskforce

Last month, during the AACTE State Leadership Institute (SLI), I attended the session on the newly formed State Chapter Taskforce, which  was moderated by AACTE President and CEO Lynn Gangone, AACTE president and CEO; Ann Larson, chair, AACTE Board of Directors; and Kate LaBoll-Lavoie, chair, Advisory Council of State Representatives (ACSR) and AACTE Board member. State Chapters, a network of AACTE member institutions that are organized collectively to advocate for and to address educator preparation issues in their state, helps provide direction to AACTE. This very important taskforce was formed to:

  • Review the existing policy on the relationship between AACTE and the state chapters, the practices and experience of peer associations, and advice of legal counsel
  • Consider the desired relationship between AACTE and state chapters. How do AACTE and the state chapters want to see the relationship evolve?
  • Recommend revisions to state chapter policy to the AACTE Board of Directors
  • Provide recommendations to the Board and National Office staff on how AACTE could best collaborate with the chapters, particularly with regard to state policy advocacy

The session participants (all state chapter leaders) were asked to provide input into ways AACTE could help them. Suggestions included compiling a database for national accreditation, looking into reciprocity in teacher licensure within the United States, breaking down silos between higher education and our PK-12 partners, how to capitalize on partnering with community colleges, and making sure chapters are aware of their relationship with AACTE.

The task force participants were identified as follows:

  • John Blackwell, Chair-elect, ACSR-Virginia State University
  • Ward Cummings, AACTE Director of Government Relations
  • Kate DaBoll-Lavoie, Chair ACSR- Nazareth College
  • Lynn Gangone, AACTE President and CEO
  • Ann Larson, Chair of AACTE Board-University of Louisville
  • Laurie Mullen, AACTE Board Member, Towson University
  • Mary Murray, Past Chair, ACSR-Bowling Green State University (Emeritus)
  • Jacqueline Rodriguez, AACTE Vice President, Research, Policy, & Advocacy 
  • Matt Wales, AACTE Vice President for Member Services and Events
  • Kimberly White-Smith, AACTE Board, Rutgers University

The timeline for this extensive work is to hold a minimum of monthly meetings between now and the AACTE Annual Meeting. A report with recommendation is to be generated at the February Board Meeting. This is an exciting task force that will require a significant amount of energy with the goal of leading the work of AACTE State Chapters to benefitting all institution members.

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Mary Murray

Bowling Green State University