AACTE 2021 Annual Meeting Goes Virtual

AACTE 73rd Annual Meeting
AACTE officially announced today that its 2021 Annual Meeting will be offered virtually. Themed “Resisting Hate, Restoring Hope: Engaging in Courageous Action,” the conference will now be held February 24-26, 2021.
Educators have the opportunity to take action against inequities during these challenging times. By participating in the AACTE 2021 Annual Meeting, you can join a united effort to disrupt inequities while educating for inclusion and change. AACTE offers keynotes featuring dynamic speakers, deeper dives into complex education issues, and learning labs for equipping attendees with practical skills for advancing programs and institutions.
This year’s conference is organized into four strands:

Strand 1 – Equity and Inclusivity in Preparation and Practice
Inclusion and equity are overarching principles that should guide all educational policies, preparation programs, and practices. Educators must recognize the principle that education, particularly in an inclusive democracy, is both a fundamental right and the foundation for more equitable, inclusive, and cohesive communities.
Strand 2 – Activism for Renewing Democracy
The current global climate continues to threaten the sustainability and foundation of our democratic society. It is essential for educational stakeholders to embrace and engage as activists and advocates. Activism and advocacy are both necessary to disrupt inequities and educate for change in our schools, communities, and educator preparation programs.
Strand 3 – Establishing a Sustainable and Diverse Profession
“Alternative facts” and unsubstantiated opinions defame and slander the teaching profession. Resisting the degradation of teacher preparation programs across the United States and restoring hope requires educational stakeholders to engage in courageous actions to solidify professional standards and bolster the teaching pipeline.
Strand 4 – Clinical Practice and Community Engagement
Educator preparation programs in collaboration with schools and communities remain the most effective ways to prepare educators. Clinical experiences that are thoughtfully designed and supported by school and university stakeholders result in educators who are confident, learner-ready and contextually aware.
Convene virtually with expert leaders and peers at AACTE’s 2021 Annual Meeting. Stay tuned for more event details at www.aacte.org. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and join the conversation using #AACTE21.
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Jerrica Thurman

Director of Marketing & Communications, AACTE