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2020 Teacher Quality Partnership Grantees Announced

Teacher Quality PartnershipThe Department of Education has awarded 23 grants administered as a of part of a pool of funding created to benefit programs including the Teaching Quality Partnership Program (TQP).  Of the 10 grants awarded under Teacher Quality Partnerships program—totaling $7.3 million—six of the grantees are AACTE members.

The 23 grants, totaling nearly $100 million, will promote educator development and training in alignment with a signature economic initiative of the Administration. The grants are designed to contribute to the enhancement of the professional development and effectiveness of teachers and principals.  Each of the awards went to schools or nonprofits that connect in some way with economic Opportunity Zones to serve economically distressed or underserved communities around the country. 

The Teacher Quality Partnership grant program, authorized in Title II of the Higher Education Act, is the only federal initiative designed to strengthen and reform educator preparation at institutions of higher education. Strongly supported by AACTE, TQP grants support the preparation of profession-ready teachers for high-need schools and high-need subject areas. Under this program, partnerships between institutions of higher education and high-need schools and districts compete for funding to develop master’s-level residency programs or to reform undergraduate preservice preparation programs.

TQP funding is a vital to schools and school districts involved in programs. The funding supports improvements in the quality and retention of teachers and in the quality of their students’ learning experiences and achievements. The grants have funded significant professional development opportunities for teachers in high-need schools, meaningful induction/mentoring programs for novice teachers, and the implementation of evidence-based reforms in teacher preparation programs. TQP funding has enabled teacher preparation programs at institutions of higher education to deepen their partnerships with their PK-12 colleagues and the communities that they serve.

On behalf of AACTE and its membership, we proudly congratulate AACTE members that received of 2020 Teacher Quality Partnership grants.

  • University of West Alabama
  • Alder Graduate School of Education
  • California Polytechnic Corporation
  • Western Michigan University
  • Montclair State University
  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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