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Tips for a Successful JTE Editorship Proposal

After a highly successful tenure, it is time for Michigan State University to hand over the reins of AACTE’s premier publication to a new campus-based team. The Journal of Teacher Education (JTE) is a 120-page refereed scholarly publication on teacher education policy, practice, and research. It is published five times each year; the editors typically receive more than 800 articles annually, of which about 40 are published.

The JTE editor is responsible for editorial administration of the journal. This includes receiving and screening manuscripts; coordinating the blind peer-review process; substantive editing; working with authors on revisions; selecting and organizing final articles for each issue; writing an editorial; and transmitting print-ready issue copy to SAGE Publications, Inc., which provides copy editing, layout, and printing services for the journal and manages its subscription, distribution, and marketing activities.

Proposals to serve as the editorial team for JTE are due on October 1 (see this blog post for more information and a link to the RFP).

If you plan to submit a proposal, what should you be considering? A successful proposal will provide comprehensive answers to the following key questions:

  • What is your vision for the journal? JTE is widely read and well-respected, but that doesn’t mean that it should rest on its laurels. How do you propose to evolve the journal and keep it relevant during these rapidly changing times? Consider both the content and the format of the journal in your response.
  • What is your commitment and the commitment of your institution? Your proposal should make it clear that you—and your institution—understand the commitment required to edit a scholarly journal and that you are prepared to meet this challenge. Describe your proposed editorship structure and the institution’s plans for support (e.g., office space, equipment, administrative and technical assistance). Describe your other duties and explain how you and your team will manage to take on this responsibility (including any release time to be provided). How will editing JTE fit into the overall mission and priorities of your school, college, or department of education? Are there synergies or potential partnerships that will benefit JTE?
  • What are your qualifications? What kind of editing and administrative experience do you and your team have? What is your research and scholarship background? Describe your professional network and knowledge of leading researchers in the field. How will you address any gaps in the team’s experience and expertise?

Editing JTE is an exciting professional challenge. AACTE looks forward to receiving innovative and exciting proposals. If you have any questions about the RFP or selection process, please don’t hesitate to contact me at jking@aacte.org

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Jacqueline E. King, Ph.D.

AACTE Consultant