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AACTE DEI Video: A Focus on Recruiting and Retaining Black and Hispanic/Latino Male Teachers

A Focus on Recruiting and Retaining Black and Hispanic/Latino Male Teachers

Ed Prep Matters features the “Revolutionizing Education” column to spotlight the many ways AACTE, member institutions, and partners are pioneering leading-edge research, models, strategies and programs that focus on the three core values outlined in the current AACTE strategic plan: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Quality and Impact; and Inquiry and Innovation.

During this segment of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion video series, AACTE members who participated in a 5-year study discuss their findings on ways to increase representation of men of color into the teaching profession. In “A Focus on Recruiting and Retaining Black and Hispanic/Latino Male Teachers,” researchers share the collective approaches campus-wide and across generations and disciplines required to effectively diversify the teacher pipeline.

“There is a definite need for men of color and specifically Black and Latino [men] in education. I work in a state where there’s 40% of students of color and the workforce is roughly 8% of teachers of color,” said Dominique Battle-Lawson, academic advisor at University of Connecticut. “Having relationships with students so they can really tell us how we can develop programs that are really meaningful for students [is very important]. We can do programming, we can offer scholarships; there’s all kinds of resources we utilize all the time for students, but if they’re not really moving the needle, then what’s the point?” said Aimee Nelson, director of the Center for Careers in Teaching at California State University Fullerton. “By working together in a [NIC (networked improvement community)], members can accelerate their learning and share across the NIC so that way each institution can learn what works for whom and under what conditions,” said Caitlin Wilson, AACTE director of program improvement and practice.

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Jerrica Thurman

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