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Connect with Peers at the Virtual AACTE 2020 Washington Week

2020 Washington Week

Join AACTE at its inaugural, virtual 2020 Washington Week this September. You will be able to connect with peers from around the nation under the event’s theme Your Voice Matters. Whether you’re joining the State Leaders Institute, Holmes Policy Institute or Advanced Policy Course, and/or Day on the Hill, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn, work, and advocate together!

Here’s what past attendees had to say about the events:

“The AACTE State Leaders Institute addresses relevant state and national issues in education and provides tools for educational leaders to effectively advocate within their states. Further, it affords opportunities for deep collaboration with regional and national leaders.” – Anne Tapp, Saginaw Valley State University

 “The Oklahoma state chapter has committed to send at least two officers to Washington Week for several years, and we’re hoping to send more in the coming years. When we placed our focus on becoming a proactive voice for teacher education in our state, Washington Week offered us the tools to make that a reality and to continue building on the opportunities that opened up to us as a result. From building relationships with policy makers to working with lawmakers on needed legislation, from feedback on our whitepaper’s content to advice on how to share that publication, our AACTE colleagues from the State Leaders Institute and the AACTE staff have been critical allies in our advocacy journey.” – Robin Fuxa, Oklahoma State University

“[The Holmes Policy Institute] helped me identify how I should go about finding a mentor and what I would want from one. I learned about advocacy and I will always remember when Jane West said ‘you cannot advocate for anyone until you learn to advocate for yourself!’ I know we often talk about mentorship and the need for it in doctoral programs but it’s so important to make it clear what you need from a mentor, otherwise you will end up with someone agreeing to assist you but they will continue to miss the mark for your expectations (that was absolutely me). I had my awakening at Washington Week and am happy to report I have a wonderful mentor at a HBCU institution!” – Phillandra Smith, Syracuse University

“You do not want to miss AACTE’s Day on the Hill. It is an incredible opportunity both to learn more about advocacy and to put advocacy in action. Every year, the event gives teacher educators [and students] an opportunity to urge Congress to support our work through funding and sound policy and to share good news about the work we do in preparing educators. This year’s virtual format will allow more people to participate and to plan out their meetings with congressional offices more carefully.” – Larry G. Daniel, University of Texas of the Permian Basin 

Mark your calendar for the virtual AACTE 2020 Washington Week! View event dates and details about the speakers and registration fees coming soon at www.aacte.org. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and join the conversation using #AACTEWW20.

Do you have questions or need assistance? Please contact us at events@aacte.org

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