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AACTE Highlights New Programmatic Advisory Committees

AACTE New Programmatic Advisory Committees

As a nation, we are facing racially and ethnically grounded injustices, which disproportionately impact our BIPOC students and educators. In a recent letter to Holmes students, AACTE President and CEO Lynn M. Gangone noted “that generations of citizens are molded by their educators, and so the work of fighting for racial equity begins in our member institutions—on your campuses.”

Sadly, the nation’s P-20 educators have never reflected the rich diversity of the students they serve. Gangone notes that while “the work that needs to be done to sow seeds of racial justice in our curriculum and in our teaching practices should not and cannot be solely completed by our students and faculty of color, the invaluable teaching and scholarship contributions of our diverse educators and candidates are the underpinning for system of education each student in our country deserves.

As our nation’s educators, it is our responsibility to develop an active and engaged citizenry. Thus, in June 2020, the AACTE Board of Directors created two new advisory committees committed to Educator Diversity and the AACTE Holmes Program. These advisory committees will investigate and elevate current trends and issues related to advance diversity in educator preparation program faculty and candidates. They will also identify potential programming to diversify both the faculty and student pipelines.

Specifically, the Educator Diversity Committee will provide input into

  • Culturally sustaining recruitment and retention strategies
  • Evaluation of recruitment and retention strategies
  • Faculty professional development
  • Candidate learning communities
  • Fundraising and development
  • DEI initiatives and related projects

The Holmes Program Committee will provide input into

  • Program activities
  • Fundraising and development
  • Program expansion and sustainability
  • Program evaluation
  • Opportunities for Holmes students

AACTE encourages our members to nominate yourself for membership to one of these two new committees. As a reminder, the call for nominations for two new programmatic advisory committees is open through August 7, 2020. Join your colleagues in being a part of revolutionizing education for all learners.

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Jacqueline Rodriguez

Jacqueline Rodriguez

Vice President, Research, Policy, and Advocacy, AACTE