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AACTE DEI Video: A Focus on Gender Equity in Education

A Focus on Gender Equity in Education

Ed Prep Matters features the “Revolutionizing Education” column to spotlight the many ways AACTE, member institutions, and partners are pioneering leading-edge research, models, strategies and programs that focus on the three core values outlined in the current AACTE strategic plan: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Quality and Impact; and Inquiry and Innovation.

In this segment of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion video series, AACTE members celebrate differences among individuals and promote gender and sexuality diversity as important aspects in preparing teachers to educate diverse student populations. Education research has found that societal stereotypes and biases of male and female roles are often reinforced in our schools and classrooms. The video participants encourage educators to address gender disparities in curriculum, teaching practices, and student engagement.

“In thinking about recruiting diverse teachers and preparing teachers to teach for a diverse student population, [we should] think about gender and sexuality diversity as part of the discussion of inclusion,” says Gloria Niles, assistant professor at the University of Hawaii. “Ensuring that our teacher candidates recognize what students bring to the table and can leverage those assets is in paramount to the student learning and outcomes,” says Jacqueline Rodriguez, AACTE assistant vice president, programs and professional learning. “The demographics of our schools are changing rapidly,“ says Michael Dantley, dean of the College of Education, health and society at Miami University of Ohio. “It seems to be an ethical and moral imperative that we pay very close attention.”

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Stay tuned for more clips in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Educator Preparation video series available on AACTE’s Video Wall. Help AACTE spread the word by sharing the videos with your social network!

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Jerrica Thurman

Director of Marketing & Communications, AACTE