Updates to AACTE’s COVID-19 Educator Preparation Policy Tracker Map

AACTE Responds to COVID-19

AACTE State Policy Tracking MapAs part of its continued efforts to inform members about the latest developments regarding educator preparation programs (EPPs) in light of COVID-19, AACTE has updated its Policy Tracker Map to reflect recent changes in EPP-specific state guidance and recommendations. These changes include guidance analysis of 12 new states, specifically Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wyoming. We have also updated data for New Jersey, which recently issued new guidance waiving edTPA.

In the coming weeks and months, as agency guidance is supplemented by the supporting instructions and recommendations of other state entities, such as the legislature and regulatory bodies, the information and features of this interactive map will grow to accommodate those developments.

It is our mission with this resource to provide useful and timely information. Achieving that goal will require the collective support not only of AACTE national office staff, but also of our members who, as the intended target of this media, are often the best judges of whether the resource is up to date and helpful. We encourage you to reach out to us if you spot issues that need addressing or to share any recommendations. 

This interactive map will be updated weekly, or as needed, to account for important changes in policy guidance. We hope you find it helpful in the important work you do and encourage you to share it with your colleagues.   


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