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AACTE DEI Video: Promoting Equal Access to Quality Teachers

AACTE DEI Video: Promoting Equal Access to Quality Teachers

Ed Prep Matters features the “Revolutionizing Education” column to spotlight the many ways AACTE, member institutions, and partners are pioneering leading-edge research, models, strategies and programs that focus on the three core values outlined in the current AACTE strategic plan: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Quality and Impact; and Inquiry and Innovation.

In celebration of National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 4-8, AACTE spotlights “Promoting Equal Access to Quality Teachers,” as the next segment in its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion video series, In this video, AACTE leaders discuss the important role effective teachers have in student learning and achievement, and advocate for poor communities to be given equal access to high quality educators. With the recent disruption in education caused by the coronavirus, several inequities regarding equal access to quality instruction has come to light as well as the important role teachers have in student learning. AACTE members are committed to producing high quality educators for the 21st century learner and strongly believe all students should have access to excellent teachers.

“Equitable access to high quality teachers is important because we know teachers matter,” says Leslie T. Fenwick, AACTE dean in residence. “All the data show that teachers with content expertise and pedagogical expertise are better able to reach children and engage them in the learning process.” “Teachers are the most important people in educating the future of our democracy. [If] we want to get students to become better people, to become higher achievers, it rests on the teaching force that we have working with those kids,” says Seth Parson, associate professor at George Mason University. “Although teachers are the single greatest school-based factor affecting student-based achievement, high-need students often have less access to the most effective teachers,” says Lynn M. Gangone, AACTE president and CEO. “Inequitable access appears to be the result of the initial placement and subsequent movement patterns of effective and ineffective teachers.”

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Stay tuned for more clips in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Educator Preparation video series available on AACTE’s Video Wall. Help AACTE spread the word by sharing the videos with your social network!

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Jerrica Thurman

Director of Marketing & Communications, AACTE