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Introducing AACTE’s COVID-19 Educator Preparation Policy Tracker Map

Due to the effects of COVID-19, many states have issued guidance or directives to assist educator preparation programs (EPPs) and teacher candidates in their response to the associated academic challenges and interruptions. In an effort to track relevant changes in state policies and practices, AACTE has developed a new interactive map designed to highlight and present such changes, with a focus on four key categories: 

  1. initial licensure and certification
  2. clinical experiences
  3. hiring and induction
  4. state standards and other program requirements

The information presented in this map is gathered from primary data sources, including policy guidance issued by state education agencies and state boards of education, Executive Orders issued by state governors, and other relevant sources.

Given the evolving nature of this crisis and its impact on educator preparation, our AACTE team will monitor and update this resource regularly in the months to come to reflect new guidance and policies issued at the state-level. We hope you find the map and accompanying dropdown tables to be useful in your  work and invite you to share with us ways we can make the tool even more beneficial. 

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