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AACTE DEI Video: The Importance of Equitable Disciplinary Actions in Schools

AACTE DEI Video: The Importance of Equitable Disciplinary Actions in Schools

Ed Prep Matters features the “Revolutionizing Education” column to spotlight the many ways AACTE, member institutions, and partners are pioneering leading-edge research, models, strategies and programs that focus on the three core values outlined in the current AACTE strategic plan: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Quality and Impact; and Inquiry and Innovation.

In this segment of the AACTE Diversity, Equity and Inclusion video series, AACTE members promote equitable disciplinary practices for teachers to use as restorative measures to build positive relationships with students. The video segment, The Importance of Equitable Disciplinary Actions in Schools, addresses the importance of eliminating prejudgments so educators can better understand students’ contexts and backgrounds and develop a new lens for addressing disruptive behaviors in schools.

Students who are suspended or expelled are three times as likely to enter the juvenile justice system. “Being equitable means really looking at the fairness and treating every student the same,” said John Kuykendall, dean of the school of education at the University of Indianapolis. “It is very important because a lot of our children are being left behind especially students of color,” said Tytianna Wells, a doctoral student at the University of Louisville. “Instead of using punitive measures, we want to use restorative justice so that teachers and students can build a better relationship, said Alex Caston, an undergraduate student at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. “The people that learners remember the most is that teacher who took an interest in them,” said Renée A. Middleton, dean of Patton College of Education at Ohio University. “… sit with your students and really tap into the genius that they bring to specifically disrupt the school to prison pipeline,” said Kimberly White-Smith, dean of the LaFetra College of Education at the University of La Verne.

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Jerrica Thurman

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