How Faculty Members Can Support Students in Traumatic Times

AACTE Responds to COVID-19

Pensive Girl College Student Studying remotely

While everyone across the globe is trying to cope with the public health crisis, college students are especially vulnerable as they are now disconnected from campus communities, resources, and the structured academic year they were anticipating. Learn how faculty can support students with anxiety as they seek answers about what comes next: Will they graduate? As the virus spreads, how long will their health and the health of loved ones be at risk? Will campus reopen in the fall?

The Chronicle of Higher Education has released a compilation of articles on how faculty can help students cope with the stressors associated with navigating the coronavirus pandemic. The 28-page special issue, available for free, includes eight previously published pieces that together serve as a resource tool for adapting to this new scenario:

  • Shock, Fear, and Fatalism
  • Tips to Support Students in a Stressful Shift to Online Learning
  • Let’s Add Compassion to Our Online Curriculum
  • How to Help a Student in a Mental-Health Crisis
  • How to Make Your Online Pivot Less
  • Linking Course Content to the World Around Us
  • Resources
  • Learning From Crisis

You are invited to access the Chronicle’s collection of articles, Coping with Coronavirus: How Faculty Members Can Support Students in Traumatic Times, on how to make the shift to online learning as smooth as possible, with empathy and reflective coursework.

Katrina Norfleet

Content Strategist, AACTE