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Learn to Build a Framework for Developing Candidates’ Global Competencies at #AACTE Preconference

In acknowledging the diversification of the P-12 population in U.S. classrooms, is your college or university prepared to develop candidates’ global competencies? AACTE’s Committee on Global Diversity is hosting a preconference workshop, “Internationalization of Teacher Education: Building a Strategic Framework for Developing Candidates’ Global Competencies,” which will assist in this process. 

This preconference event will explore methods to infuse global competency into the curriculum and provide strategies for educator preparation programs to incorporate local and international opportunities—with a focus on developing successful partnerships to facilitate these opportunities.

Participants will actively engage with AACTE award recipients as well as influential experts in the field. Together they will hold meaningful discussions on best practices, innovative experiences and partnerships and, importantly, ways to develop authentic and meaningful programs that prepare mindful teacher candidates who advocate for and insist on multicultural education and diverse global perspectives within the classroom.

Members of the Committee on Global Diversity will lead sessions that address topics including, supporting preservice teachers to learn about other cultures and prepare to teach with a global and international perspective, and encouraging preservice teachers to study or teach abroad during their degree program.

The opening session will focus on “Infusing Global Competency into Curriculum and Programming.” This year’s Best Practice Award in Support of Global and International Perspectives recipient Vesna Dimitrieska of Indiana University and Best Practice Award Multicultural Education and Diversity recipients Shelley Wepner and Heidi Sakanaka of Manhattanville College will address preconference attendees in a forum.

At the “Developing Global Competency in Local Contexts” session, attendees will learn from two university program models. Speakers will discuss local partnerships that create opportunities for candidates to build relationships with diverse community members.

The final session of the preconference will focus on international partnerships and studying abroad. Attendees will learn how to develop study abroad programs for teacher candidates, including building international partnerships that facilitate these programs.

Barbara Meyer, chair of the Internationalization of Teacher Education Topical action Group (TAG), will present the closing address. I hope you consider registering for the Global Diversity Preconference!

This is a full day preconference beginning with breakfast at 8:30 a.m. and ending at 3:00.p.m. Attendees will also be provided lunch, sponsored by the Wallace Foundation!

There is still time to register for the preconference by the Feb. 21 deadline.

Mike Putman is chair of the AACTE Committee on Global Diversity.

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