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DTW Preconference will Explore Research and Policy in Praxis

Teacher Helping Pupils Studying At Desks In ClassroomThis year will mark the fourth year that ACCTE’s Diversified Teaching Workforce (DTW) Topical Action Group (TAG) will host a preconference Institute. This year’s Institute: Advancing Research and Policy in Praxis, will convene a group of national leaders from colleges and universities across the United States to spotlight and explore innovative efforts for addressing ethnoracial teacher diversity across the teacher development continuum. The preconference will take place February 27, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Given the chronic underrepresentation of educators from ethnically and racially diverse backgrounds within our increasingly-diverse educational institutions PK-20, we have much work to do (Shanker Institute, 2015). For those in the field, we see and feel the macro- and micro-level impacts of the predominance of whiteness (Sleeter, 2012) in education that often lead to the marginalizing and silencing of minoritized populations (Zhu, 2020). Therefore, we recognize the need to create spaces within professional networks to discuss and unpack the challenges and possibilities for increasing ethnoracial teacher diversity (Kohli, Picower, Martinez, & Ortiz; Morales, 2018).

The DTW preconference Institute is one such space. The Institute offers opportunities to share and plan in cross-institutional, multi-level working groups, as well as presentations on current research and panel sessions focused on best practices from expert teacher education and teacher diversity pipeline leaders.

Registration is required. Learn more about to register for the Diversified Teaching Workforce (DTW) Institute .

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