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Complete a Survey on Visibility of National Board Certification in Teacher Prep Programs


AACTE is excited to work in partnership with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards on several initiatives that contribute to a vision of a coherent career trajectory that supports teachers from initial preparation through teacher leadership opportunities and beyond. The mission of the National Board is to advance the quality of teaching and learning through a voluntary advanced certification. By doing so, the National Board aims to align the teaching profession with other professions such as medicine. Through this collaboration, AACTE, National Board, and other teacher professional organizations seek to elevate the teaching profession and ensure each student is taught by a fully prepared and accomplished teacher.

The work of the National Board, the National Board Standards, and the certification process is founded on five core propositions that describe what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do to effectively support student learning. The five core propositions and National Board Standards are developed and revised by educators based on research and their expertise as practitioners.

We recognize these foundational components of National Board Certification are likely to be closely aligned to what you work to instill in your teacher candidates from day one of your preparation programs. Making the connection between the foundational components of your program and National Board Certification is an important step toward developing a coherent career trajectory and helps set teacher candidates on a path of lifelong learning. The National Board believes when early career teachers recognize that becoming a National Board Certified Teacher is part of their career trajectory, the number of students taught by an accomplished teacher will increase dramatically.

Given your role in teacher preparation and supporting new teacher learning, the National Board would like to know what you think about how to increase the visibility of National Board Certification for teacher candidates and continue to build their knowledge of students to plan, teach, assess, and reflect.

Please take about 5-7 minutes to complete this short survey by January 28. This effort will help the National Board and AACTE to better identify opportunities for connections across teacher preparation and teacher professional development. If you have any questions, please contact Kim O’Neil at koneil@nbpts.org or Marcia Foster at mfoster@nbpts.org. Thank you in advance for sharing information about your program!

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Caitlin Wilson

Director, Program Improvement and Practice, AACTE