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Apply now for Free Student Privacy Train-the-Trainer Program

Student Privacy Train-the-Trainer Program

Since 2013, over 130 new student privacy laws have passed in 41 states, with more bills and regulations being rolled out each year that include many new requirements for educators and administrators to implement. Some state laws include the threat of jail or large fines when school staff even unintentionally violate student privacy. Unfortunately, few states have received funding or support in implementing these new laws.

This massive shift in the legal landscape makes it hard for schools and districts to keep up. This isn’t only a legal problem. As technology changes and the amount of information schools collect and maintain increases, ensuring that new educators and administrators come into their schools with the skills needed to adequately protect student privacy in their day-to-day work is extremely challenging.

Colleges of Teacher Education (CTE) can be leaders in preparing tomorrow’s educators and administrators to protect student privacy. The Future of Privacy Forum, a nonprofit focused on consumer privacy issues, is launching a free train-the-trainer program in 2020 to build the capacity of college of teacher education faculty and staff to become student privacy experts. Faculty and staff will then integrate student privacy best practices and important legal trends into their institution’s curriculum and also become a student privacy ambassadors to other CTEs in their region.

Whether you are new to the student privacy world or an experienced practitioner, the free, one-year Future of Privacy Forum Student Privacy Train-the-Trainer Program will provide the knowledge and skills to make you a student privacy expert while also connecting you with a peer network and student privacy experts from across the country. 

Participants should have a strong interest in student privacy, the willingness to conduct student privacy trainings at their institutions and/or relevant conferences, and the ability to dedicate approximately eight hours per month for the program’s virtual webinars (1-2 hours) and asynchronous activities (6 hours). Participants will also need to travel to Washington, D.C. for in-person workshops February 18-19, 2020, and a two days (TBD) in November 2020. Travel scholarships are available for a limited number of participants.

To learn more and apply or nominate someone to be part of the program, please visit ferpasherpa.org/tttapplication or email jpark@fpf.org. Applications should be submitted as soon as possible as applicants will be accepted and the limited number of scholarships will be issued on a first-come-first-served basis. The final deadline for applicants is January 16.

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