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AACTE’s DEI Video: Helping Students of Color Pursue Careers in Education

ACTE’s DEI Video: Helping students of color pursue careers in education

Ed Prep Matters features the “Revolutionizing Education” column to spotlight the many ways AACTE, member institutions, and partners are pioneering leading-edge research, models, strategies and programs that focus on the three core values outlined in the current AACTE strategic plan: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Quality and Impact; and Inquiry and Innovation.

AACTE is excited to feature its Holmes Program as part of the new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Educator Preparation video series. For nearly 30 years, the AACTE Holmes Program has supported students who self-identify as racially and ethnically diverse and are obtaining graduate degrees in education at AACTE member institutions.

In this third segment on ways to help students of color pursue careers in education, teacher candidates, alumni, and supporters of the Holmes Program discuss its effectiveness on national, state, and local levels. “I still think one of the most significant challenges facing our field of teacher ed is to diversify the teaching force,” says Wanda Blanchett, dean and distinguished professor at Rutgers University Graduate School of Education. “The Holmes Program is an opportunity for you to take on this critical issue facing our profession at a local level,” says Monika Williams Shealey, senior vice president, diversity, equity and inclusion at Rowan University. “I think it’s also a model for how we can make sure we keep our profession relevant and ensure that we are always evolving, as well, as an organization.”

“The energy and the efforts that AACTE puts into growing the Holmes Program really has the potential to soar beyond heights that we probably can’t even at this point imagine,” says Jacob Easley, dean at Touro College Graduate School of Education.” “We follow [the Holmes Scholars’] careers, and we’ve hired quite a few scholars from other universities …,” says Carolyn Hopp, lecturer of teaching, learning and leadership at the University of Central Florida.

Watch the full video. Visit to learn more about the AACTE Holmes Program. If you are interested in starting a Holmes Program at your institution, contact Jaqueline Rodriguez, AACTE assistant vice president, programs and professional learning, at

Stay tuned for more clips in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Educator Preparation video series available on AACTE’s Video Wall. Help AACTE spread the word by sharing the videos with your social network!

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