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Nominations Open: AACTE Diversified Teacher Workforce 2020 Teacher Diversity Research Award

The Teacher Diversity Research Award is presented by the AACTE Diversified Teacher Workforce (DTW) Topical Action Group (TAG) for outstanding research and advocacy related to various policies, practices, programs, pedagogies, systems, and/or institutions for the purpose of advancing teacher diversity. The research leadership embodied by the recipient of this award reflects the DTW TAG’s mission and goals and advances our current understanding of how to diversify our teacher workforce to enhance educational opportunities for all students. Recipients of this award have published articles, books, and /or created professional development services or products that function as tools and resources to help facilitate teacher education programs, leaders, and/or policymakers in strategic planning and project implementation that actualize the goal of creating a diverse teacher workforce in the 21st century. In addition, recipients of this award will evidence a service-minded disposition toward addressing teacher diversity in research and practice through their leadership and participation in the local community, school, and/or grassroots service efforts.

In recognition and honor of this important work, the recipient of this award will receive a $1,000 honorarium and be invited to give a featured research talk at our 2020 DTW Institute at the 2020 AACTE Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA. Also, the recipient of the award must participate in the 2020 DTW Teacher Diversity Research Award Selection Committee and /or contribute to the planning of the 2021 DTW Institute.

In order to nominate someone (self-nominations accepted) for the DTW Teacher Diversity Research Award, email the following documents with “Teacher Diversity Research Award” as the subject line to Marvin Lynn at coe-dean@pdx.edu by December 15, 2019:

Nomination Letter: Submit one nomination letter (maximum 2 pages) addressing the following: 

  • A description of the role this nominee plays in advancing the field’s understanding of teacher diversity.
  • A description of how to categorize the type of work the nominee undertakes as well as who benefits the most from the research.
  • A description of what distinguishes this nominee from other researchers who investigate teacher diversity as it relates to preparation, recruitment, retention, induction, and/or professional development through their leadership and service in the field. 

CV and Research Statement: The nominee should submit a CV and brief research statement (maximum 2 pages) addressing the following:

  • How the research program of the nominee addresses teacher diversity in teacher education and schools.
  • How does the work advance current understandings of how best to recruit, prepare, and retain a more diversified teacher workforce? 
  • What specific recommendations, implications, or cautions does the work of the nominee have for teacher education program leaders and teacher educators? 
  • What types of service or leadership is the nominee involved in related to teacher diversity?

Additional documentation: Any additional testimonials from colleagues, students, and / or other people who can attest to the impact of the nominee’s research.

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