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Call for Chapter Proposals – Rethinking School-University Partnerships: A New Way Forward

As co-editors, we are inviting you to submit a chapter proposal for the upcoming book, Rethinking School-University Partnerships: A New Way Forward, which will be published by Information Age Publishing. This volume will explore innovative ways in which colleges of education and education preparation providers (EPPs) engage with school partners to improve teacher education and educational outcomes for P-12 learners. The main focus of this book project is to extend the literature in this area and to learn from others around the country engaged in this important work. We are particularly interested in partnership work that addresses mutually beneficial outcomes and persistent issues/problems in teacher education.

This book will provide educational leaders in public schools and colleges of education with insight, advice, and direction into the task of creating effective, proactive partnerships. In current times, colleges of education and local school districts need each other like never before. School districts struggle with pipeline-workforce, recruitment, and retention issues. Colleges of education face declining enrollment and a shifting educational landscape that fundamentally changes the way that teachers are trained and what local school districts expect their teachers to be able to do. It is with these overlapping constraints and converging interests that partnerships emerge as a strategy for strengthening the education of our teachers.

The partnerships that we envision are different from the ways in which colleges of education and school districts have traditionally worked with one another. In the past, these loose relationships centered primarily on student teaching and/or field experience placements. We conceptualize “new” partnerships as being proactive, mutually beneficial, pragmatic, and futures oriented. By focusing on people who are leaders in colleges/schools of education and local schools, this book will be well-positioned to help us develop a better understanding of how to initiate and lead change around the concept of partnerships.

Each chapter will also include a vignette from the school partners. For all accepted chapters, you should include a section written by your school partners.

Submit your chapter proposal by August 1, 2019 in order to be considered for inclusion in the book. Your proposal should contain an abstract, adhere to the 6th edition APA guidelines, be approximately 3-5 pages (not including references), and clearly address the partnership work in which you are/were engaged. Each proposal will undergo a rigorous double-blind review prior to being accepted. Submitted proposals should include a cover page with authors’ name, affiliation, email, and phone number. Notifications of acceptance of proposals will be sent out in early September.

Send chapter proposals and/or inquiries to Prentice Chandler, Lisa Barron at partnershipbook@gmail.com

Link to full description of the call.

Tentative Publication Schedule

Call for proposals    6/1/19
Proposals Due    8/1/19
Notification   9/1/19
Full Chapters Due   12/1/19
Reviewer Comments Due   2/1/20
Edits Complete (by authors)    4/15/20
Submission of Book to Publisher    Summer 2020
Anticipated Publication   Fall 2020

This blog was written by Prentice T. Chandler, dean of Eriksson College of Education at Austin Peay State University (APSU) and Lisa Barron, director of teacher education and partnerships at APSU.

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