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Ways to Highlight Innovative Technology in Your Annual Meeting Proposal Submission

Educational technology is a critical component in the preparation of teacher candidates across the nation and the AACTE Annual Meeting is the prime opportunity to share best practices on how colleges of education are advancing technology in their programs. The AACTE 2020 Annual Meeting themed, “Disrupting Inequities: Educating for Change,” will take place February 28 – March 1 in Atlanta, GA.

The AACTE Committee on Innovation and Technology encourages proposals for the 2020 Annual Meeting in the areas of technology, innovation and teacher education. We hope you are inspired to think about how your work in the active use of technology to enable learning and teaching connects with the conferences’ four strands. We have provided recommended ways on how to feature innovation and technology in your conference proposals:

  • Strand 1. Equity and Inclusivity in Preparation and Practice – focus on innovative perspectives, orientations, strategies, and technologies designed to address equity and inclusivity.
  • Strand 2. Activism and Innovation for Transforming Democracyhighlight how your work is transformative through innovation and have developed policies at local and national levels centralized on technology as a disruptive force.
  • Strand 3. Establishing a Sustainable and Diverse Profession – share ways you have used technology for advocacy, collaboration, and change.
  • Strand 4. Clinical Practice and Community Engagement – feature the importance of partnerships and ways technology can be used to strengthen relationships and innovate our practices and pedagogies with P-12, community, and business partners.

The final date for proposal submissions is May 29, 2019. If you have any questions about how to integrate a focus of educational technology into your proposal submission or about the AACTE Committee on Innovation and Technology, please contact me at lluetke@iup.edu.

Read the full call for proposals (PDF), and then submit a proposal.

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