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Five Tips to Help Your 2020 Annual Meeting Proposal Stand Out

AACTE received high praise for its sessions during the 2019 Annual Meeting in Louisville, KY. Such acclaim can be contributed to one important element: the competitive nature of the Annual Meeting selection process. Each year, AACTE receives many more proposals for consideration than can be accommodated, so only the “best of the best” content makes its way into the programming for the conference. 

Want to see your work featured during AACTE’s 2020 Annual Meeting in Atlanta? Then take note, because you will want to prepare a proposal that stands out in our peer-review process. Follow these five tips, and you are likely to distinguish yourself from the rest:

  1. Mind the Details –Y our proposal will be evaluated based upon the 10 criteria and elements outlined in the Expectations for Presentations. Familiarize yourself with these prior to writing your proposal. And most importantly, do NOT include any information that identifies either the authors or the institutions in the written proposal.

  2. Be Succinct and Specific – Choose a title that clearly conveys your topic. Proposals selected for presentation tend to state their subject matter upfront in the title. Additionally, the majority of chosen proposals contain short, concise abstracts that highlight the main focus of the presentation.

  1. Align with the Session Type – When creating a proposal, you will be asked to identify the type of session you want to present. Review the AACTE session types in advance, and then design your proposal to reflect the format and goals outlined in the session type of your choice.

  2. Write to be Relatable and Relevant – How will AACTE attendees relate to your research? A successful proposal both engages attendees and their interests, while also expanding the knowledge base of the profession. Your proposal must also address the specific information requested in AACTE’s official Call for Proposals.

  3. Offer an Outcome – What policies, practices, or plans can you offer through your proposal? Annual Meeting attendees are looking for takeaways they can implement upon return, and your proposal should tell reviewers what knowledge those attending will gain and apply at their institutions.

Want to join AACTE in “disrupting inequities” and “educating for change” during the 2020 Annual Meeting? Be sure to submit your proposal by May 29 for consideration.

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Matthew Wales

Vice President, Member Services & Events