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Holmes Students and Alum Engage at AACTE 71st Annual Meeting

The 71st AACTE Annual Meeting was held in Louisville Kentucky from February 22-24, 2019.  The AACTE theme this year was “Sustaining and Advancing the Profession.” The attendance was impressive, surpassing the number of attendees from previous years. The meeting allowed the members and alumni of the AACTE Holmes Program to escape daily routines, work distractions, and be fully present during a vibrant and innovative experience. This special environment fostered rich dialogue, sharing of research ideas, and collaboration on finding solutions to complex problems.     

Interactive Sessions, Dynamic Conversations, Innovative Solutions, and Tangible Outcomes

The AACTE Holmes preconference agenda centered around growth—both professionally and personally. While lecture-style sessions are beneficial, this year the strategic planning team implemented more interactive sessions. For example, during the Career Choice Pathway sessions, the audience was intentionally involved and invited to participate in dialogue. This year also consisted of tangible outcomes such as productive writing skills. A session was dedicated for focus based-research writing, which allowed for experimentation of a new writing tool to aid in efficient writing. Students were able to share and connect over similar writing experiences and provide guidance on how to stay motivated. Lastly, this year we were honored to have alumni host sessions, provide their mentorship, and invite collaboration on projects.

Dynamic interaction and conversation during the roundtable and poster sessions

This past year provided multiple avenues to showcase the impressive research being conducted by the Holmes community. Holmes Scholars roundtable sessions allowed for projects in various stages to be shared with the community. The roundtable sessions allowed for different perspectives to be voiced to help improve a study.  A walk through the Holmes Poster session was a great success. The excitement and passion from both the presenter and audience was contagious. The 40-minute session ended up being an hour due to the productive conversations taking place and desire from all to continue learning from others. 

Dissertation Funding Competition Recipients

The 2019 AACTE Holmes Scholars Dissertation Funding Competition took place 10:00 a.m. on Friday, February 22.  The four Holmes Scholar finalists presented their proposal to the Holmes community and funding committee. The funding, supported by AACTE and National Association of Holmes Scholars Alumni (HAHSA), helps cover doctoral research project expenses. The committee announced the following winners:

1st place recipient of $3,000: Quin Jernigan, North Carolina A&T University

2nd place recipient of $1,250: Benita Kluttz-Drye, Rowan University

3rd place recipient of $750: Shalaunda Reeves, University of Florida

(L-R) Quin Jernigan, Benita Klutzz-Drye, and Shalaunda Reeves.

The Newly Elected 2019-2020 Holmes Council

The 2019-2020 Holmes Council elections were held during the preconference. The campaigns speeches took place, ballots were casted, and votes were counted. AACTE welcomes the following newly elected Holmes Council:

President: Amber Haley, University of Central Florida
Vice President: Azaria Cunningham, Penn State University
Secretary: Timara Davis, University of Central Florida
Historian: Reena Patel-Viswanath, University of South Carolina
Sergeant at Arms: Lydia Carsenale, University of South Carolina
Research Coordinator: Valentina Contesse, University of Florida
Social Media Coordinator: Carla Roberson, Ohio University
General Alternate: Sacha Cartagena, University of Central Florida
General Alternate: Adegoke Adetunji, Purdue University
Holmes Honors Representative: Ke-La Harris, Southeast Missouri State University
Holmes Cadet Representative: Marquess Vela, South Texas Independent School District

We hope the conference provided rich learning experiences, and opportunity to meet people from around the world, and increased vigor to advance research in our fields.

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