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Ease Your Workload, Meet Your Goals with Campus Mentors

“It is a phenomenal program. It allows for all kinds of growth in both teacher candidates and high school students” – Michael Dantley, Dean, Miami University, and AACTE Board Member

“It gives students one-on-one intervention, ability to build relationships, and just increases their successes overall” – Talawanda School District Superintendent Kelly Spivey

 Campus Mentors is a clinical practice model that enables teacher candidates to work with youth who are at risk. It creates classrooms on university campuses to support these young people through individualized instruction of any selected curriculum, pedagogy, technology, or assessment. The program is an evidence-based, fiscally sustainable framework that has received national recognition for its youth outcomes. Like other clinical preparation programs, Campus Mentors exposes aspiring educators to real-life challenges and rewards of the teaching profession. Schools and colleges of education, as well as partnering public schools have experienced a number of benefits from partnering with the program. 

Simple Framework, Big Impact

Campus Mentors is a one-room alternative school partnership framework that includes

  1. Operating in a university classroom during the school day;
  2. Servicing youth at risk; and
  3. Providing daily academic tutoring and one-on-one mentoring by teacher candidates.

The program enables hundreds of flexible, accessible, closely controlled placements to meet needs not always met by other partnerships.

Multiple Benefits

  • Eases Workload: Campus Mentors offers significant administrative savings for college students in time and travel, and provides more free, intensive tutoring and mentoring than schools can afford.
  • Meets Goals: The program provides instant exposure of any curriculum, pedagogy, or technology to up to 150 teacher candidates every semester. It is implemented with fidelity and creates unlimited teaching, research, and service opportunities for faculty.
  • Powerful Outcome Data: Eight years of research shows an improvement in grades, credit attainment, and behavior, earning national recognition from AACTE, Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), and the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE). Teacher candidates demonstrate growth in communication skills and ability to see beyond the “at risk” label.

Sustainable Funding

The program is funded as any other classroom, with youth FTEs. The only direct, recurrent expense is in transporting youth participants to and from the university campus and their home school.

Jump-Start a Partnership

To learn more about how Campus Mentors can help meet your goals and demonstrate the kind of impact that reminds all of us why we entered the field, visit campusmentors.org. The first step is determining your program or college’s greatest need. Enter a one-sentence goal to receive a personalized replication plan.

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