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2019 National Superintendent of the Year Is Alumnus of AACTE Member Institutions

AACTE Congratulates 2019 National Superintendent of the Curtis Jones Jr., superintendent of Bibb County School District in Macon, GA.

Jones, was Georgia’s finalist for the honor given by AASA, the School Superintendents Association. He is also an alumnus of AACTE member institutions, Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee, where he received his Ed.S. from the Carter & Moyers School of Education and NOVA Southeastern in Florida, where he received his Ed.D. from the Abraham S. Fischler College of Education.

Jones joined the Bibb County School District in April 2015. Using his classroom and administrative experiences, he developed the district’s strategic plan, “Victory in Our Schools.” The plan has five goal areas: increasing student achievement; increasing student and stakeholder engagement; increasing teacher and leader effectiveness; being a reliable organization; and learning and growth. This plan drives the district’s continuous improvement efforts through shared accountability for all stakeholders and resource alignment.

When Jones joined the district, one of his first long-term goals was to raise the district’s graduation rate to 90% by 2025. In 2014, the district’s graduation rate was 58.9%. In 2018, the district graduated nearly 1,300 students with a graduation rate of 78.5%. Three of the district’s six high schools had graduation rates greater than 80% in 2018, putting the district on track to achieving this goal.

In addition, under his leadership the Bibb County School District has received several citations. The district received Georgia’s College Board Linking Award in 2017 for having more than 80% of juniors and seniors utilizing Khan Academy for SAT preparation. In 2018, it was presented with the Digital School District Survey Award in the Large Student Population Districts category, and its Board of Education has been twice-named a Distinguished Board by the Georgia School Boards Association. The district’s work with elementary schedules was featured in District Management Journal, in an article titled “Raising Achievement and Addressing Equity at Bibb County Schools,” and also was featured as a case study with K-12 Insight for its work in improving stakeholder communications through its use of the Let’s Talk! platform.

For more information, see the AASA award announcement.


Katrina Norfleet

Content Strategist, AACTE