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Beliefs About Preparing Candidates to Navigate Complexities of Professional Decision-making: A Survey

The profession of education is highly complex, with educators having to make multiple decisions in their daily work. Competing tensions and multiple, greatly nuanced variables that are inherent in this field can add to the vulnerabilities and risks that educators must navigate, especially when it comes to professional decision making.

To gauge attitudes regarding teacher educators’ beliefs about the role of preparing candidates to navigate these complexities through preparation in educator ethics, current practices, and what resources might be most useful for enhancing professional ethics preparation, AACTE is collaborating with the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC), and the National Council for the Advancement of Educator Ethics (NCAEE) to conduct a brief survey.

The information the survey provides will be shared with educator preparation providers and other educational stakeholders to inform their work, as well as the work of NCAEE. We invite you and your colleagues in both PK-12 and higher education to complete the survey by February 1, 2019.

The NCAEE survey is focused on professional ethics, defined as standards in professional practice that assist practitioners in choosing the best course-of-action. This survey is not intended to focus on law, codes of conduct, policies, statutes, and/or judicial activity that articulates conduct absolutes for employment, licensure, and/or criminal sanctions.

Things to know before you respond to the survey:

  • Please respond from your own context, which you will indicate in a general question at the beginning of the survey.
  • Responses will be kept strictly confidential. Individual information will not be shared. The aggregate results of this survey will be compiled and shared.
  • At the end of the survey, consider joining the e-list that NCAEE will use to share future information and resources on professional ethics for educators.

Please access the survey. Thank you for participating by February 1!

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