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AACTE TAG Awards Grant for K-12 Professionals to Attend Co-Teaching Conference

The AACTE Co-Teaching in Clinical Practice Topical Action Group (TAG) has awarded two scholars with funds to attend the 2018 National Conference on Co-Teaching, which is being held at St. Cloud State University in Bloomington, MN, October 24-26. The awardees, Brenda Harrison and Rhonda Mannon, are education professionals at the Ceredo-Kenova Elementary School in Wayne County, WV, who have collaborated with Marshall University over the years to implement a Professional Development School (PDS) model of educator preparation that incorporates co-teaching in clinical practice. The funding was made available from an AACTE grant to support the activities and projects of the TAG.

To learn more about the work of the TAG awardees, I invite you to attend the National Conference on Co-Teaching. The conference will examine co-teaching between pre-service and in-service teachers during the student teaching experience and how it enhances the induction and mentoring of teacher candidates, as well as enriches the practice of veteran teachers who have found new energy in teaching and working with students.

This year’s conference has added a second strand that includes co-teaching between two licensed educators. This strand has a focus toward K-12 practitioners who are engaged in the work of co-teaching on a daily basis.

The conference offers attendees an opportunity to interact with both teachers and researchers who are learning from and supporting each other in this amazing and collaborative work! I encourage you to bring your business cards as the conference schedule allows for opportunities to network and engage in conversations with your colleagues from around the country.

To learn more about the third annual National Conference on Co-Teaching and how to register, visit the website.

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Ann Sebald

Colorado State University