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Stakeholder Engagement at the Heart of Quality Assurance Work

This event is cancelled until further notice.

The authors will be leading the “Track A” (introductory) strand of quality assurance sessions during the 2018 AACTE Quality Support Workshop in Columbus, Ohio. For details and to register, visit aacte.org, and download the full agenda here.

The quality of educator preparation programs matters, as they develop the professionals who will have the most influence on our children–and continuously shaping programs to excel in this charge is important work. This work requires calculated risk taking, established processes for critiquing the work, and a culture that fosters honest feedback focused on improvement.

This work also relies on a network of trusted relationships with many partners across the campus and within the community. Developing and sustaining these relationships with candidates, alumni, faculty, staff, clinical partners, PK-12 families, and policy makers is the heart of a robust quality assurance system, which then employs data gathering models to benefit continuous improvement goals.

When you come to the AACTE Quality Support Workshop next month in Columbus, Ohio, you will have an extended opportunity to develop or refine your own quality assurance plan to address these issues effectively in your programs. During three 90-minute blocks, you will follow either an introductory or an advanced track of sessions to deepen your understanding and make real headway on this important work.

We are excited to be facilitating the introductory Track A, “Laying the Foundation for Quality Assurance and Stakeholder Engagement.” In these sessions, you will view and critique accredited program models that have successfully bridged the relationship between preparation program and multiple stakeholder groups in ways that honor the needs of each stakeholder while prioritizing PK-12 student learning and achievement.

As the facilitators of this sequence of sessions, we will be doing what you do on a daily basis to engage in the continued development of ideas and actions that improve PK-12 learning. We will seek to make ourselves vulnerable and share our successes, failures, and opportunities so you might critique our work and use that critique to develop a rationale and plan to sustain or revise your own systems for the betterment of children. The sessions will focus on sharing information and ideas, then provide time for active participation through “table talk” discussions.

While the sessions are interconnected, each one will focus on a different topic, such as developing a quality assurance system, determining validity and reliability of EPP-created assessments, and creating a continuous improvement process. You will be asked to share with your AACTE learning community over the course of each session so you can take the best ideas and questions back to your home institutions.

Participation in the AACTE Quality Support Workshop in Columbus will allow you to launch the upcoming academic year in a way that keeps advancing the quality and continuous improvement of your programs. Please join us!

The deadline to book a hotel room in the AACTE discount block is July 10! Make your reservation now and take advantage of the advance registration discount as well at aacte.org.

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Northern Michigan University

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Northern Kentucky University