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Learn About Quality Clinical Partnerships at AACTE Workshop

This event is cancelled until further notice.

“I don’t know where to start,” “it’s too hard,” “it’s too expensive,” or “it takes too much time” are among some of the comments that are often heard in conversations around the country as the push for more clinically rich teacher preparation is discussed. While it certainly can be challenging to reimagine longstanding practices, the shift to strong clinical models has become something of a national imperative for high-quality teacher preparation.

During the AACTE Quality Support Workshop, August 2­-4 in Columbus, Ohio, we are excited to facilitate a pair of sessions to help you navigate this shift. Our workshop, “Developing Clinically Based Partnerships: Creating and Maintaining Structures That Benefit ALL,” will include opportunities to work with clinical partners to begin to develop a shared vision, identify formal roles for all stakeholders, and identify structures that will offer the best opportunities for teacher candidates, mentor teachers and administrators, and university faculty while also providing maximum impact to PK-12 students. Teams will also develop strategies across all aspects of clinical partnership programming to engage all partners in quality assurance.

In our formal roles as a center director who oversees school-university partnerships and a teacher educator who coordinates a partnership with a local elementary school, we have been engrained in clinically based educator preparation and clinical partnerships for the past decade as part of The Gladys W. & David H. Patton College of Education at OHIO University. We are excited to work with you at the August workshop to develop your own clinical partnerships and discuss structures that support quality assurance. We are also excited for Patton College graduate student Abby Morgan to join us and share her personal experiences and perspectives as a teacher candidate and professional intern who was prepared in a clinical partnership.

As teacher educators, we have witnessed firsthand the new opportunities that are presented when PK-12 school partners and educator preparation programs partner together to develop structures that provide mutual benefits to PK-12 students and teacher preparation. The reciprocal benefits of such clinical partnership arrangements can far outweigh any barriers to this critical work. The workshop is organized to include AACTE’s “Proclamations and Tenets for Highly Effective Clinical Educator Preparation,” as well as the National Association for Professional Development School’s “Nine Essentials,” as frameworks for advancing your clinical partnership work.

We look forward to facilitating a workshop where participants can develop plans for more clinically rich practice through strong partnerships. We also look forward to hearing your insights as to what supports might be helpful to you in the future as you develop clinical partnership programming.

For more information and to register for the AACTE Quality Support Workshop, visit aacte.org.

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Marcy Keifer Kennedy

Director, Center for Clinical Practice in Education, Patton College of Education, Ohio University

Chris Kennedy

Ohio University