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Engage With edTPA at Quality Support Workshop

This event is cancelled until further notice.

AACTE is excited to announce a series of sessions at the 2018 AACTE Quality Support Workshop focused on inquiry-based implementation of edTPA. This strand of sessions, facilitated by an edTPA representative and an experienced user of the assessment, is among several choices of concurrent workshops on offer August 2-4 in Columbus, Ohio.

mel-horton kellie-crawford

The three edTPA sessions will be led by Mel Horton, associate dean at Sacred Heart University (CT), along with Kellie Crawford from Evaluation Systems Group of Pearson. Part 1 is for experienced edTPA users as well as those who are new to or interested in learning about edTPA. Parts 2 and 3 build on the first session and are designed for more experienced edTPA users.

The first interactive workshop will begin with an overview of edTPA constructs as sources of candidate evidence related to equitable teaching practices within a multiple measurement assessment system. You will get to:

  • Discuss the alignment of edTPA constructs with InTASC standards
  • Review candidate summary data and analyze sample data sets to identify trends in performance and identify areas for program renewal
  • Learn how the ResultsAnalyzer tool can be used to mine data

The second session will focus on candidate performance relative to leveraging their students’ assets in order to plan, engage, and assess learners equitably and analyze student learning. In this session you will get to:

  • Work together with other participants to analyze and discuss candidate samples
  • Consider how candidate performance data can inform program improvement and accreditation

The third session will be a continuation of Part 2, only with a focus on candidate performance relative to teaching toward deeper learning and differentiating and individualizing instruction based on learner strengths and needs. As in the second session, you will get to:

  • Collaborate on analysis of candidate samples scored at different levels on edTPA rubrics
  • Discuss the use of data analysis within the continuous improvement process

A detailed agenda with these and other sessions will be available later this week. For more information on the Quality Support Workshop, visit https://aacte.org/professional-development-and-events/quality-support-workshops. Register and book your hotel room by July 10 for the best rates.

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Sara Hiller

Program Manager for Performance Assessments