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Review of Research in Education Chapters Wanted: Changing P-20 Teaching Practice

The authors are 2019 editors of the Review of Research in Education. The views expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect the views of AACTE.


The schools in Chicago have a lot of initiatives going on. The three of us live and work here, so we are very engaged with the public and parochial schools across the city and suburbs. We see a dizzying array of efforts to improve teaching and learning: Professional Learning Communities, the International Baccalaureate, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, culturally responsive teaching practices, one-to-one computing, and many, many more efforts.

In and of themselves, each of these projects has the potential to change classroom instruction and improve student outcomes. But the challenge facing our schools is how to sustain intentional, coordinated, and responsive changes to teaching at meaningful scales. We’re sure that this is an issue familiar to AACTE members, and as the editors of the 2019 volume of the Review of Research in Education (RRE), we would like to solicit your proposals on the topic by March 1.

The research literature on this problem is not particularly helpful as it is spread out across a number of different fields and disciplines, each taking a different focus and approach. To address this, the 2019 volume of RRE will publish reviews that help move the academic and professional fields forward. We are seeking chapters that bridge fields and disciplines to bring new perspectives to the challenge of changing teaching practice from preschool through graduate school.

As the editors, we’d like authors to consider questions such as these:

  • How is change to practice conceptualized, evidenced, and analyzed?
  • What are the key barriers, facilitators, and contextual factors affecting intentional, coordinated, responsive, and sustained change?
  • How do changes in teaching practice relate to student learning?
  • With major investments in “best practices” and “what works” in recent years, what have been the actual results of attempts to replicate or implement these recommendations? How do the critiques of these efforts inform our understanding of how to change teaching practice?
  • What have we learned from both successful attempts to change practice as well as failures?

This isn’t an exhaustive or exclusive list, but one that illustrates the kinds of interdisciplinary and cross-field proposals we seek.

We hope that AACTE members, as scholar-practitioners deeply involved in developing teachers, will consider submitting a proposal. One thousand (1,000)-word manuscript proposals are due by March 1, 2018, and all inquiries can be directed to RREeditor@aera.net. Further details can be found in the call for proposals.

Terri Pigott and Ann Marie Ryan are 2019 coeditors and Charles Tocci is 2019 associate editor of RRE.

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Terri Pigott

Loyola University Chicago

Ann Marie Ryan

Loyola University Chicago

Charles Tocci

Loyola University Chicago