AACTE TAG Members Participate in National Coteaching Conference

The authors are cochairs of the AACTE Coteaching in Clinical Practice Topical Action Group. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of AACTE.

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Participants at the 2017 National Conference on Coteaching included Christina Tschida, East Carolina University (NC); Meghan Crosier and Shelli Pence, North Harrison School District (IN); Ann Sebald, Colorado State University; and Beverly Ochieng-Sande, Houston Baptist University (TX).

Members of AACTE’s Coteaching in Clinical Practice Topical Action Group (TAG), which we cochair, participated in the second annual National Conference on Coteaching, held in October 2017 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our TAG also cosponsored a social event at the conference, whose purpose was to support research and practice of coteaching at both preservice and in-service levels for all areas of education.

In addition, the TAG held a competitive application process to sponsor travel for two PK-12 professionals to the 2017 conference. The award recipients were Meghan Crosier and Shelli Pence, general education teachers in east Indiana’s North Harrison School District, who were nominated by Terri Beard of Indiana University (IU) Southeast.

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During the conference, Crosier and Pence presented a session on their coteaching work, “Making Coteaching Possible: When Two Brains Work as One.” The room filled to capacity (see photo) with nearly 100 PK-12 and higher education faculty in attendance. Crosier and Pence shared their rationale for coteaching, the strategies they employ to work with all levels of learners, and shared data supporting coteaching’s effectiveness in reading and mathematics. They and Beard plan to take back what they learned from the conference to share with both PK-12 colleagues in the North Harrison School District and the preservice teacher candidates at IU Southeast.

Our TAG again plans to sponsor travel for two new PK-12 teachers and leaders for next year’s National Conference on Coteaching, which is planned for October 24-26, 2018, in Minneapolis. We are grateful to AACTE for supporting the efforts of the TAG!

For more information regarding the TAG, contact us at tschidac@ecu.edu or ann.sebald@colostate.edu, or visit the AACTE website.

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Christina Tschida

Assistant professor in the College of Education at East Carolina University.

Ann Sebald

Colorado State University