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Marist to Diversify Education Pipeline Through New Holmes Cadets Program

New York’s Marist College is the latest AACTE member institution to join the Holmes Program. For information about how to join the program, contact Tim Finklea at tfinklea@aacte.org. The views expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect the views of AACTE.

This summer, the Education Department at Marist College partnered with the Beacon City School District to join AACTE’s Holmes Cadet Program. Marist College, located in New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley, is committed to student success, innovation, and providing for social good. Joining the Holmes Cadet network supported Marist’s efforts to diversify the teacher pipeline, while connecting them to a national network of students and faculty who were passionate about the same cause.

Together, Marist College and the Beacon City School District will implement activities targeted to developing the interest of high school students in teaching by enhancing their awareness of the work and benefits of being an educator, increasing their knowledge of what it takes to be a teacher, and developing motivation toward pursuing college and an undergraduate program in teacher education.

Joining the Holmes Cadet Program allows Marist College to be part of the Holmes network, to work with colleagues who also are committed to diversifying the education pipeline, and to provide our cadets with opportunities that include meeting other Holmes participants. We know it is important to reach students early in their educational pursuits and help foster their motivation to pursue education as a career, while also equipping them with the academic skills they will need to be successful in college and beyond.

Marist is currently in the beginning stages of developing its Holmes Cadet Program. Recruiting prospective high school students to participate in this year’s inaugural cohort is the first step. Additionally, we are developing the curriculum that will focus on teacher educational foundation concepts, culture identity, college readiness, and multicultural education. Marist Holmes Cadet participants will visit campus annually, attend lectures by Marist faculty, and participate in informational sessions focusing on topics such as campus residential life, financial aid, time management, and admissions.

“Beacon City School District and Beacon High School are delighted about this wonderful opportunity that will be offered to our students this school year,” said Samuelle Simms, assistant principal of Beacon High School. “We are certain that our Holmes Cadets will be immersed in content and practice that will prepare them for college and beyond.”

Holmes Cadet participants who meet the criteria for acceptance into Marist College, complete Holmes participant requirements, and remain successfully enrolled will receive a tuition grant. In additional, they will receive wraparound support services, such as advising, for completing degree requirements.

Edward Sullivan, associate dean for teacher education at Marist, said, “The Holmes Cadet program is another phase of our commitment to recruit youth from underrepresented groups to teacher preparation programs.”

The Holmes Cadet program is a partnership among the Marist College School of Social and Behavior Sciences, Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Beacon City School District. If you have any questions about the Holmes Cadet Program at Marist College, contact me at Christina.fields@marist.edu.

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Christina Wright Fields

Holmes Cadet Program Coordinator and Clinical Fellow for Community Partnerships at Marist College