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Congressional Activity Heats Up – Engage With AACTE Action Alerts, Webinars

As Congress returned from August recess, its agenda included a laundry list of items, and it is shaping up to be a very busy fall on Capitol Hill. Budget and appropriations, hurricane relief, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Higher Education Act reauthorization, and tax reform are just some of the issues that will fill the congressional calendar. For many of these topics, the voice of the education profession will be an important perspective for your members of Congress to hear.

Follow these three steps to ensure your constituent voice is heard:

  1. If you missed the opportunity to participate in September’s Federal Update webinar, be sure to watch the recording (for AACTE members only) to get the latest updates and stay an informed advocate.
  2. Sign up to receive AACTE Action Alerts, if you have not already, for timely opportunities to engage. In fact, we have an alert going right now and we need your voice! (Remember to check your faculty/staff handbook for guidelines on engaging with elected officials using your institutional affiliation and title – including your work e-mail.)
  3. Explore the AACTE Advocacy Center for a variety of resources and links to cultivate your advocacy skills and put them into action.

I also recommend that you read about how Todd Price of National Louis University is incorporating the Federal Update webinar into his policy analysis class for ideas on how you can engage your students in the content. Additionally, our federal policy and legislation pages are updated on a quarterly basis to ensure you are equipped with the latest developments.

Stay informed, stay tuned, and stay engaged!

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Deborah Koolbeck

Senior Director of Government Relations, AACTE