AACTE Self-Study to Drive Improvements for Members

The AACTE team has embarked on a new adventure and we can’t wait to share it with you!

This undertaking is engaging all of us in a significant self-study – not unlike what you do on your campuses for quality assurance and continuous improvement – using an improvement science model. Over the next few months, the team will conduct a deep audit of our operations, looking at internal protocols and processes along with membership structures, programs and services, and resources. AACTE is working with the rpk GROUP consulting firm to assist us with this project. This internal work is simultaneous with a comprehensive member survey that is being released next month. These concurrent efforts will empower AACTE as it anticipates its 70th anniversary in 2018.

This deep dive will look for opportunities to improve quality and efficiency in our work to bring about better, more accessible benefits for our membership. As new President/CEO Lynn M. Gangone is getting to know more of the Association’s members and external partners, she and the staff will build a common understanding of our core work and, together, develop plans for the future.

“As stewards of our members‘ investment in AACTE, it is incumbent upon us to undertake this thorough internal review. As we build a national office culture of greater accountability, AACTE members can expect their D.C.-based team to commit to continuous improvement to foster high levels of member engagement,” Gangone said.

As the lead for the internal steering committee, I will be working closely with the consultants throughout the process. We have also formed an internal data committee, led by Information Technology Director Sasha Gumbar, charged with compiling the necessary data and documents for analysis. The AACTE staff who serve on these committees represent all levels of the organization. I look forward to the wide range of perspectives and insights they will provide, as well as to the expertise brought by our consultants.

“The rpk GROUP intentionally seeks partners such as AACTE who can have the greatest impact on reimagining outcomes for our country,” said consultant Bryan Setser. “We are thrilled to partner with Lynn and her team on providing a new lens on investments and resources at AACTE to better support the future-ready institutions that teachers need to impact the next generation of dreamers, inventors, and doers.”

So what do we want to share with AACTE members? Simply stated, we want to ensure that we are the best stewards of your investment in AACTE. Our process, based on effective practice in systems analysis, will deliver a clear picture of current operations and provide a bedrock upon which to build the next level of service for members.

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Rodrick Lucero

Vice President for Member Engagement and Support