Filling the QA Gaps: Get Started in Minneapolis

Update: The deadline for hotel reservations and discounted registration has been extended to July 25

As educators, we are taught to look for and then try to help “fix” any need or gap we might find in our students or institutions. That same attention can be found within our organization, where as a member of the AACTE Committee on Professional Preparation and Accountability, I know we have worked hard to ask fellow AACTE members about the gaps and needs you are experiencing in your departments and institutions.

We have heard – and keep hearing – that you want more information and training around all things associated with quality assurance and assessment, from rubrics to planning, analyzing data, and even how to help fellow faculty members recognize the need for change. In response, we have helped AACTE develop and provide programs where you can connect and learn from one another. Our committee has held annual preconference workshops on validity and reliability, which many of you have experienced. We’ve also given guidance and assistance with the development of the Association’s online professional seminars, and now we are deeply involved in planning and facilitating the regional Quality Support Workshops. With each of these, our goal has been to help fill you those gaps.

Now, I encourage you to come to Minneapolis August 10-12 for our next regional workshop. Bring your own “gaps” – whether they are in quality assurance plans, assessment datasets, curriculum maps, accreditation needs, or other areas where you could use expert advice in filling them. Here you will have time to learn, reflect, and get your questions answered while making progress on your own work – all in the company of other practitioners who are or have been where your department or institution might be right now. (Click here to view the robust schedule of sessions we have planned!)

Filling a gap requires more than one action, but you have to get started somewhere. Let us help you take the next step in your quality assurance journey.

Be sure to register by July 25 – that’s the deadline for booking group-rate hotel rooms and also securing the advance-registration discount. I hope to see you in Minneapolis!

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Debbie Rickey

Grand Canyon University