Call for Responses: Holmes Needs Assessment

Since 1991, various iterations of the AACTE Holmes Program have catered to doctoral students from historically underrepresented backgrounds by providing conferences, mentoring, and other support. Since then, more than 700 Holmes Scholars have completed their terminal degree and moved beyond their student careers into research, policy, and academic positions across the nation. With Holmes’ growth into other education levels in the past 2 years, the Holmes Scholars Council is reaching out to our younger colleagues to determine their needs and how we might better tailor the program to meet them.

The Holmes community now consists of high school students (Holmes Cadets), undergraduates (Holmes Honors), master’s students (Holmes Master’s), and doctoral candidates (Holmes Scholars). To better serve all of our Holmes students, the council would like to hear from each member at the new levels – Cadets, Honors, and Master’s. Please encourage all of these Holmes students to take our needs assessment survey this month – it is anonymous and should take only 5-10 minutes to complete.

The survey asks students what issues they are facing at their home institutions and what kinds of support they would like. We are asking that each member complete the needs assessment with honest reflections of years past and critical thought on how we can progress in the future – no feedback is too small or insignificant!

The council is prepared to support and address whatever issues are raised and will handle all feedback with respect. Each response will be carefully reviewed to be sure that all members’ needs are incorporated into planning for conferences, retreats, and communications and that we create new opportunities that fit the true needs of members.

At a time when the future may not seem so bright for America’s culturally and linguistically diverse populations, it is a wonderful time for the Holmes Program to include and unite students from historically underrepresented backgrounds in their education studies. The council is committed to enhancing the current program with more opportunities for holistic development, more access to resources and people, funding opportunities, and other supports.

Thank you for helping our promising students make the most of our passionate and supportive community!

Dana Dunwoody is 2017-2018 president of the Holmes Scholars Council.

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Dana Dunwoody

Boston University, Holmes Scholars Council President, 2017-2019