Podcasts Shed New Light on Studies Published in JTE

Did you know that the Journal of Teacher Education editorial team publishes podcast interviews with selected authors? You can find them posted in the “JTE Insider” blog (which also publishes transcripts of various author interviews and other materials related to the journal’s contents and themes).

Listen to authors bringing their work to life–describing their research, what excites them about it, and the larger body of their inquiry outside the scope of what could be covered in the published manuscript. The editors and the publishing team at SAGE plan to continue producing one podcast interview per issue of the journal. The recordings are available to the public and may be used as a supplement to printed materials with your students, or for anyone else interested in the topics of study.

Here are the most recent podcasts (and you can find even more on the blog):

You might also enjoy the special guest interview with Kevin Kumashiro (run time: 18:11) about how teacher education has changed since the publication of his 2010 article “Seeing the Bigger Picture: Troubling Movements to End Teacher Education.”

Remember, the “JTE Insider” blog is available to the public, and AACTE members have free access to the articles themselves in the full JTE archives online–just log in with your AACTE profile here.

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