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Call for Papers: NKU Symposium on Teacher Diversity

Cynthia B. Dillard

Are you developing, implementing, or evaluating policies or practices that help increase the numbers and improve the experiences of teachers of color? The Department of Teacher Education at Northern Kentucky University (NKU) wants to hear from you! Paper proposals are due May 15 for a September event, “Teacher Diversity Matters: A National Symposium on Preparing, Recruiting, and Retaining Teachers of Color.”

The symposium, to be held September 15 at NKU, will feature a keynote address from Cynthia B. Dillard of the University of Georgia titled “You Are Because I Am: The Necessity of Identity, Mutuality, and Equity in Teacher Education.” Other sessions will highlight accepted papers from researchers, practitioners, and students based in PK-12 and higher education.

Organizers seek papers that “build upon and even depart from the existing scholarship and praxis on diversifying the teaching workforce […]. They are also encouraged to open new questions and provoke new possibilities, explore various intersectionalities, contexts, and strategies, and glean from both successes and shortcomings, in the ongoing pursuit of a more inclusive teaching population.”

Roland Sintos Coloma, David Childs, and Brandelyn Tosolt of NKU’s Department of Teacher Education are the organizers. For more information on the symposium and proposal requirements, visit http://inside.nku.edu/TeacherDiversity.

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