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Course Alumni: Online AACTE Seminar ‘Fantastic’ Intro to Assessment

Have you signed up yet for AACTE’s online short course Designing Assessments to Measure Student Outcomes? If not, we’d love to have you join us for the next session, opening May 1.

In this free 3-week seminar on the popular FutureLearn platform, you’ll learn about key assessment principles and how to design and use rubrics and surveys. Topics include –

  • The importance of validity, reliability, and fairness in building quality assessments
  • The role and design of effective rubrics for evaluating performance
  • The role and design of effective surveys for use with selected audiences

Participant Reviews

Discover what thousands of educators worldwide have enjoyed about this seminar’s engaging content and social-learning approach, such as the experiences shared by these three recent participants:

  • “I appreciate the succinctness of the material and the course itself. Having a variety of methods of content delivery was also important for the time I could allot to the work. I have already begun using some of the rubric layouts as alternatives to my current assessment tools and shared them with my preservice teachers for their immediate use.”
  • “I may have thought I knew a great deal about creating rubrics and surveys, but indeed, I learned so much more from my participation in this course. I liked having the opportunity to create hands-on applications. I thought it was especially helpful to see what others had created as well.”
  • “The most exciting part of the course was reading all the reflections and feedback. Thank you all! This is my first time participating in an online course, and the experience has been great.”

Who Should Join

AACTE’s online courses are designed for beginning or experienced faculty in higher education, assessment and accreditation coordinators, teachers in PK-12 settings, undergraduate or graduate students in education programs – or anyone else who has an interest in learning about assessment and accreditation. The “Designing Assessments” course provides a convenient introduction for those new to assessment, although more experienced faculty may appreciate the succinct overview, current resources, and exchange of models and strategies with global peers.

The Learning Experience

This course is one in a series of six online professional seminars being rolled out this year through AACTE’s Quality Support Center in partnership with FutureLearn. (Stay tuned for announcements of new courses later this year!) All of them present a variety of videos, articles, audio, discussions, and assignments in the clear step-by-step format that makes FutureLearn so popular.

If you’re worried about being lost among the thousands enrolled in the course, or being unable to find your colleagues or students in the sea of fellow learners, don’t fret – the platform makes it easy to create a customized learning community to suit your preferences. You can “follow” peers from your own institution, or anyone else whose perspectives interest you, and share with the broader community as well – it’s really up to you. Learn more about how the model works here.

Cost and Credentials

As with all FutureLearn courses, participation in AACTE’s online seminars is free. For those interested in credentials, a completion certificate is available for about $60 (49 British pounds). Successful completion of the entire series of six AACTE courses, including purchase of all certificates, is required to qualify for training as an AACTE consultant.

We hope to see you online May 1!